radiant starDear Friend

On Monday Dec 12th at 12 noon, hundreds, probably thousands of us came together as a great community of light on the inner planes. We held all the people of Syria and Iraq strongly in the light of the Christ Star. We feel strongly from White Eagle that he would like us to repeat this inner act of love and service. The act of coming together at a heart level in this focussed, synchronised way can be truly powerful in life and make a difference, as we believe our December attunement did. We therefore invite you to join with thousands of other friends of White Eagle on Thursday 2nd February at 12 noon (local time). Let us together hold in the Christ Star, that symbol of great beauty, power and love, all the people of Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Here in the temple at Maleny we will again be holding a special 12 noon attunement, to which anyone is warmly welcome, and we will inwardly link with members and friends all over the country and abroad. Please join us in thought. We again ask you to set aside, if you can, just 15 minutes or whatever time you can spare, using the same words as before which are reproduced below (though please feel free to make your contact with the Star in whatever way works best for you).  If your physical circumstances do not permit you to give 15 minutes, just picture the Star and hold the peoples of Syria, Iraq and Yemen within it for whatever time you can manage.

 We quieten the outer mind and open our hearts to the blessing of the Christ Star… It is a perfect Star of love, gentle, yet irresistible in its power.            

We link with all others who are taking part in this attunement and as a great company we hold in the heart of the Star all the people of Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

We see all refugees and all who are suffering in the light of the Star.

We especially hold all children within the enfolding, protecting love of Divine Mother.

We hold in the Star all in the international community who have the power to make a difference…We see all hearts and minds touched and inspired by the Star and the angels of the Christ Star circle. We see the Star of love and peace TRIUMPHANT…

Thank you, dear friend, for taking part in this special inner work together.  Let us, as we work, know that love and peace are the true reality.

February 2nd is the day of the ancient Christian festival of Candlemas, the ‘Festival of Lights’, celebrated half way between the shortest day and the Spring equinox (in the northern hemisphere and reverse in the southern hemisphere)  (and one day after the pre-Christian Celtic festival of Imbolc) when traditionally people turned their faces to the Light of the New Year. It seems a specially suitable day for our work together.

We will again be asking all the Lodge’s Facebook Friends (over 3,300) to join in this synchronised meditation too.

With loving thoughts and encouragement

Jenny Dent, Lodge Mother, Gay and Lyn from Australasian Temple