WEL logo STAR_470pxThe Star Symbol


“Symbols are the Language of the Spirit.”


The central symbol of the Lodge teaching which White Eagle has given is that of the six pointed star. The six pointed star, with the triangles seamlessly joined, sets up the highest vibration for good, for compassion, for tolerance and for healing.  The star is also a symbol, a reminder of our true being as spirit. When focusing on that star through the power of divine love we can direct that healing to where there is need.

“By the creation and projection of the thought-form of the perfect six pointed Star you are stimulating the light which rests within every living soul, and can be called upon.

If there were sufficient people in the world who could unite in groups and work together to project the light into the world,  there would be no need for protestation: the light would enter and permeate the hearts of all people, and where there was any apparent evil or darkness there would come goodness and light. This is the way to combat what you call evil.

The goal of your work, the goal of your life, is the Star, to reach the Star, to reach
that state of perfect life, the perfectly balanced triangles, man/woman made perfect.
Remember that you ARE the Star when you are perfectly balanced. The Star is the
symbol of man/woman made perfect on earth, completely illumined by the light and love of Father/Mother God.

Make it a daily habit to concentrate on the Star.  Carry it with you in your life.