Spiritual Healing

Healing is central to the work of the White Eagle Lodge.  It is also a path of spiritual growth for those who involve themselves in this work.  It is given with love and without charge to all who ask. The healing ministry embraces people, animals, the Nature Kingdom and Mother Earth.
God is the creative power within all life. The teachings of the Lodge bring an understanding of how to connect with the power of God, the Light of Love within our own hearts, and to use that power to comfort and to heal others.

Spiritual healing awakens and strengthens the inner light – gradually bringing an increased sense of mental and emotional harmony – thus restoring balance and peace to the soul. The individual may experience a change in outlook or thought. This change may be brought about by an awakening within the heart of a greater awareness of the healing power of Christ. The Christ is the Light that is present within every human heart. The Master Jesus, the Great Healer, was and is a perfect vehicle for the Christ Love.

keep our hearts open to the in-flooding of God's light

Participating in the Healing Work

EARTH HEALING These simple words can be included in your daily quiet time or you can contact Lyn on 07 5494 4397 or email lyn@whiteeaglelodge.org.au if you would like to become more fully involved in the healing of our beautiful Earth.  This Healing .. Read more…

Requesting Healing Prayers

PRAYERS FOR HEALING Absent/Distant healing through prayer is given by members of the Lodge who work alone or in groups. This healing work forms a network of light and healing throughout the world. Experience as an absent healer is the foundation for... Read more…