Retreats for 2024

Retreats for 2024 will be facilitated by Jenny Dent, World-wide leader of the Lodge and Grace Cooke’s Granddaughter.  

Jenny has spent her life working in the White Eagle Lodge and was trained by her Grandmother Grace Cooke as well as her mother Joan Hodgson and Aunt Ylana Hayward.  Her mother Joan was the founder of the now White Eagle Astrology School.  In her teenage years Jenny was scribe to Grace Cooke and would travel with Grace to sacred places gaining first-hand experience of the inner worlds of spirit and Light.
Jenny has a profound understanding of the teachings of the Lodge and displays that in her everyday life.  White Eagle gave her the spiritual name of “Golden Radiance” and through trials and tribulations she has exuded that golden radiance from her heart.
Book early as Jenny’s Retreats are very popular.


understanding the planetary angels“Earth Healing & Planetary Angels”    arriving Friday  23rd August and departing Wednesday 28th August 2024    (Day Retreat included in your Retreat)

Jenny will lead discussions and meditative attunement to the Angels of the Elements, the twelve great Zodiac Angels, and those who lead the Seven Rays, (the Sons of the Flame as White Eagle calls them) and of course St. Michael, whom White Eagle tells us is the leader of all the angelic hierarchy.   There will be ‘in depth’ meditations each day, spending time to learn more at an inner level with our guides in the Heavenly Wisdom Temple.  Jenny will also talk about the laying of the seven specially programmed Earth Healing Crystals, and leading the group in our Crystal Earth Healing Service.

Cost: $995 per person including all meals, accommodation and activities.

“The Many Faces of White Eagle”   Retreat Day  Saturday 24th August, 2024

 Starting time:  10.30 a.m.  Concluding at 4.00 pm

Cost:  $100   or $140 for a couple  Morning and Afternoon Tea and a light lunch is included in the cost.

During this day retreat, Jenny will be sharing Minesta’s  (White Eagle’s name for Grace Cooke) memories of her lives with White Eagle when he was Hah Wah Tah in the Andes and Is Ra in Egypt and how each of these incarnations have influenced the teachings and understanding White Eagle has brought through in this lifetime.

“Heavenly Help & Embracing our Karmic Opportunities.”  arriving Saturday 31st August departing Thursday 5th September, 2024

During this Retreat Jenny will talk about (and read from) White Eagle’s beautiful teaching on the divine laws which govern all life on earth and in heaven, reflecting on the cause and meaning of suffering and the opportunities we all have to ‘embrace our karma’ and the opportunities for spiritual enlightenment we all have in our chosen ‘life plan’. Jenny will help participants establish closer links with their own individual guide and guardian angel, and lead the group into in-depth meditations in the Heavenly Wisdom Temple.

Cost: $995 including all meals, accommodation and activities.


Melbourne, Victoria 2 Day Retreat      10th and 11th September, 2024

 During this 2-day Retreat Jenny will be taking us on a journey of discovery and how Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, St. Francis (Canticle of the Sun) and White Eagle all share a link.  Pythagoras was known for his developments in mathematics, astronomy, the theory of music, believing the world was round and discovering Platonic Solids.  He also had a gentle way with animals as did St. Francis of Assissi who treated all life as his brothers and sisters. Love of nature seems to be the golden thread that links 3 amazing souls.  Find out more on the 10th and 11th September in Melbourne.

Venue: Healesville Old School Hall, Badger Creek Road, Healesville.   Cost:  $100 a day   Please bring a plate of vegetarian food to share

Please keep in touch with Susan Cooper if you are interested in attending.  Susan: 0448 844 390





Brisbane is the closest major airport to the Temple.  The other alternative is Maroochydore Airport (a.k.a. Maroochy Airport.) Arrivals and Departures from Maroochydore Airport are far less stressful than going to Brisbane.  It is a much smaller airport and the waiting time for luggage is less.  The flight may be slightly more expensive but it is worth paying for the more relaxed atmosphere.


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RAIL     Catch airport bus to Roma Street Transit Centre in the city and then train to Landsborough  Railway Station.  Someone from the Lodge will meet you and bring you to the Temple.  There will be a charge for this service of $15 one way. Please pay this directly to the driver personally, who meets you at the pick-up point and brings you to the Temple.  As you can appreciate the driver is a volunteer and may be hesitant in asking for remuneration, so please have it ready to give to them.





The Star Retreat Centre is set amongst the rolling, green hills. With its peaceful surrounds the Centre is an ideal place for all who seek refreshment, peace and quiet and a sense of just ‘being.’

Well appointed accommodation for 10 people includes 3 twin share and 4 single bedrooms.  There is a large meeting room, a comfortable lounge, a dining room and a kitchen. Enjoy breakfast on the patio overlooking the lush valley dotted with dairy cattle. The tranquil gardens surrounding the Temple are a perfect setting for personal meditation.

In keeping with the philosophy of the Lodge the Centre is strictly vegetarian meals which may include dairy and egg products.


By attending retreats, you are giving yourself a wonderful opportunity to tap into the source of your being, to go within to that inner place of stillness beneath all thought, into the very heart of God, our Creator, that spark within our heart chakra.   To do this it helps us greatly if we take the opportunity to withdraw from the outer world of hustle and bustle for a time.

The Retreat Centre and the Temple are prepared environments where stillness and peace is encouraged.  You will find no TVs or newspapers in the complex.  For this reason we ask you not to use your mobile phones, fax machines, computers, ipods etc as they will detract from the inner peace you are seeking to attain during your stay.


Need some time for yourself?  A private retreat for a few days at the Star Retreat Centre and Temple of Light, Maleny, Queensland is the answer.

The Centre is also available to like-minded groups who are in sympathy with the teachings of the Lodge.  Groups such as yoga groups, meditation & study groups, writing and art groups would find the venue ideal and appealing.
Prices are available on application, for further information:



From Marian Linch “My first retreat.  This has been an experience I will never forget.  I didn’t know why I had come, but now I know how to continually connect with my Higher Power – the Christ without and within and my love and sense of purpose is now so beautiful and strong.  I will go forward in ‘Truth and Love’.