White Eagle on Living in Harmony


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With the Spirit

White Eagle

This book is for all who are seeking actively to work in harmony with the spiritual laws that underlie life. It is therefore for those who wish to live more harmoniously, courageously and with more awareness. It is also for those who wish to bring balance and peace to their lives and to the world.
White Eagle gives a broad picture of divine law in this book. The divine laws are eternal and omniscient and, as with earthly laws, the keeping or breaking of them has consequences for all. Divine laws are not a passive system: they constitute the working fabric of the universe.
The pure spirit, operating through the human mind and soul, must hold the balance in life, White Eagle says. To the person who follows occult law, there comes equilibrium personally and globally, for this is to work in harmony with the creative force which governs all. This book is a priceless aid in exploring teachings of great wisdom.

ISBN 978-0-85487-158-2


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