Spiritual Unfoldment 4


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White Eagle

This book completes a series of books, which introduce the reader to the path of unfoldment through meditation and service. It gives a deep inner meaning to the ordinary experiences which the soul meets once it has embarked on its quest, experiences which prepare it for ever greater service through putting into practice of the ideal of brotherhood. It describes the expansion of consciousness, which comes through inner initiation, how the dual aspects of the soul are balanced as the soul gains wisdom and mastery over the elements and the emotions and gives a glimpse of the wonderful service that may be given by any soul as it opens itself to the light. Every step of the journey must be taken, there are no short cuts and you my brethren been given the blessing of the knowledge that you do not take that journey alone. Hand in hand with angels, or with the true companion of your soul, you walk the path from unconsciousness or darkness of the human life into the glory and the light of the divine.

ISBN 978-0-85487-151-3


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