Philosophy of…


The White Eagle Lodge


A path for living through LOVE 


“Love one another”, the golden key which unlocks the door of the heart.  The Philosophy of the White Eagle Lodge teaches a universal spiritual path of brotherhood for all men and women. The teachings are inclusive of all life.

Whether we call ourselvesWhite Eagle Lodge Lake Sunrise Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or any other, we are all one human family, following the path towards the development of a universal consciousness. The teachings of the White Eagle Lodge honour the individual path, knowing that all true paths lead to God.

The simple and beautiful teachings may be read and understood at any level; answers to questions concerning our daily life may be found along with the opportunity to understand more deeply the nature of our world and the universe in which we live.

The White Eagle teachings reflect the Ancient Wisdom brought to the earth through many great teachers throughout the ages. We understand the Ancient Wisdom to be the light of truth which pervades all religions, the truth of mankind’s spiritual being and creation.


“We want you to realize that this Lodge has a fine purpose.
Its purpose lies far in the future – that of bringing to the earth
a standard of life in harmony with infinite love…to introduce
to humanity the truth of God within, the light within.”

White Eagle


The Six Principles of the Philosophy of the White Eagle Lodge

The White Eagle teachings are based on the following principles;

    • That God, the Eternal Spirit, is both Father and Mother.
    • That the Son – the Cosmic Christ – is also the light which shines in the human heart. By reason of this divine Sonship, all are brothers and sisters in spirit, a brother-sisterhood which embraces all life, visible and invisible.
    • The expression of these principles in daily life, through service.
    • The awareness of the invisible world, which bridges separation and death and reveals the eternal unity of life.
    • That life is governed by five cosmic laws; Reincarnation, Cause and Effect, Opportunity, Correspondences and Compensation (Equilibrium and Balance).
    • That the ultimate goal of humankind is for the inner light to become so strong and radiant that even the cells of the physical body are transmuted into finer substances which can overcome mortality. This is known as the Christing of the human being or, in the words of the ancient Brotherhood, the blooming of the Rose upon the Cross of matter.