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White Eagle Lodge Meditation

The practice of regular Meditation gradually opens the heart and mind to an inner awareness of our oneness with all life, with the Light and ultimately with God, Creator of all life.

The White Eagle way of meditation brings a union between Eastern and Western traditions.  A good beginning practice for meditation can be focusing on our breathing and the gentle in breath and out breath, feeling the tension releasing within the body.  Then through the use of visualization and the development of the inner senses it unfolds a growing awareness of the inner world of spirit and contact with loved ones there. Meditation also develops the inner wisdom, intuition, and these finer senses, through contact with divine love and peace.

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At our White Eagle Centres and Groups, meditation classes are available for all levels of experience. There are books on meditation for further study. A postal course is also available for members.

Meditation by Grace Cooke gives an in-depth description on the practice of meditation.  Short meditations and teaching are found in the books  The Still Voice and Healing Meditations

Visualize the still white flame; hold it very still before you, as you breathe gently and quietly.  Let no breath or thought give movement to the flame.  Then, see that still flame in the Centre of the Star (or Sun)……Know that this little flame is the God in you, your spirit, part of the great Sun.  Let the brightness of the flame draw you into the heart of the Sun.

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