Chakras Auras Subtle Bodies


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White Eagle’s comprehensive teaching on the subtle energy systems and chakras.

A book for anyone who wishes to gain, from this ancient wisdom of the heart, a comprehensive understanding of how we are more than physical beings.

Through this book White Eagle shows us how to understand these other parts of ourselves and to work consciously with them to raise our own awareness and to help others.

To many people in the West nowadays chakra is a familiar term, but we cannot talk about the chakras in isolation from the other subtle bodies since the chakras form just part of a whole system, nor can we discuss the chakras without alluding to the spiritual life and energy for which they are portals.

White Eagle brings teaching about such areas as auras, the nervous system, clairsentience, soul and spirit,  superconsciousness and the main chakras together into an integrated view of what it is to be a spiritual being in a physical form.

ISBN 978-0-85487-231-2


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