the light of God overcomes all da“You who have offered yourselves in service to humanity, you send forth continually from the powerhouse within, not from your lips, but from your innermost being – light, love.  Within you all is a divine, creative principle, which has the power to control the actual atoms of matter, the power to create a vibration among those tiny atoms, physical, etheric or spiritual.  Thus you must learn to use your good thought as a creative power, and those elder brethren who now officiate and work in the Great White Lodge become aware of your efforts here, and always there is a power concentrating upon you, upon your work.  You do not ever work unaided, but the power that they direct to you mingles with that which you are able to give them and goes forth into the world as light.”  Words of wisdom taken from White Eagle’s book ‘PRAYER, MINDFULNESS AND INNER CHANGE’ available from our web site.