Walking With The Angels –


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White Eagle with additional commentary by Anna Hayward

Many books exist on the subject of angels, but few give so broad and poetic a guide as this as to how we can actually work with them. White Eagle’s teaching gives us insights into the whole angelic kingdom; from the guardian angels who trigger the miracles in our lives to the great beings who are masters of the rays of creation. He also speaks of the angels of creativity with whom we may work and the angels and other beings at work in the rhythms of nature – with whom, too, we may find harmony. More than this, WALKING WITH THE ANGELS is a book about meditation and how our contact with the angels is also a path of healing for our selves. It is a book which can enhance the whole life of any reader who learns through it to walk a path of cooperation and creativity alongside the angels.

ISBN 978-0-85487-109-4


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