Prayer, Mindfulness and Inner Change


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White Eagle

Prayer, Mindfulness and Inner Change is the perfect book for personal quiet time, whether that time is one of prayer, of meditation, an opportunity for relaxation, or a time to go through a process for internal change. It is also a wonderful source for readings during meetings.
Affirmations are included to balance the energies of earth, air, fire and water. A chapter entitled ‘Breath, Mindfulness and Aspiration’ contains a brief White Eagle reading, an exercise to work on inwardly, a short meditation, and a prayer. There is an excellent abundance prayer (a ‘Thankfulness Practice’) for an organisation! In addition, there is a section of prayers for times of birth, marriage and passing from earthly life.
Running like a golden thread throughout the book is the constant beauty of White Eagle’s prayers. They give the reader a sense of aspiration and contact with the Oneness of all life. – HARD COVER

ISBN 978-0-85487-144-5


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