Healing the World


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Heal Thyself 2 by White Eagle

Heal Thyself 2 by White Eagle’Healing the World’ opens where ‘Heal Thyself’ ended – at a healing service – and gives a clear spiritual message:   The world needs healing – and it needs you. This sequel to a popular spiritual classic is both an uplifting read and a working document, in which the reader is led by a wise spiritual teacher along a path to healing and self-discovery.

In ‘Healing the World’ White Eagle continues the process of self-healing begun in ‘Heal Thyself’. Having brought us to the point at which we are ready to become healers, he leads us further along the path of healing, guiding us to become healers of our planet, of each other, ultimately of ourselves. Through opening ourselves to the healing power of spirit, we are given a unique and beautiful contact with God, finding inner peace and beauty that will bring healing to our lives.

ISBN 978-0-85487-207-7


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