Help heal the worldOur Dear Family, this invitation for attunement comes with much love from Jeremy at the Mother Lodge in the UK.

I am writing to you with a very warm invitation to join in our worldwide attunement / meditation for Earth healing at 12 noon (wherever you are) on Sunday 26th June. Most members and friends will be aware that holding an Earth healing day on a Sunday close to the Summer Solstice has been part of our annual calendar of events for several years, and we are joyfully continuing this practice this year. We deeply believe that by all coming together in the Star in this way we can truly make a difference in the world of men and women. We know that this work in harmony with the angels of nature has White Eagle’s loving blessing and we encourage you to be part of this radiant coming together of hearts and minds on the inner planes. I am writing this letter to all members and contacts and sharing it with all our overseas leaders, so that they in turn can share it with all White Eagle’s ‘family’ in their country, and we will also be posting the words of the attunement on Facebook – where the Lodge’s page has 5,500 followers – so we should be a company of thousands meeting together in the heart of the Star.
Here are suggested words for your time of attunement:

‘I walk on Mother Earth, and by Mother Earth I am supported and nourished. I walk beneath the wide canopy of Father Sky, which speaks to me also of the invisible worlds of spirit and of the dignity of life. In the silence, I draw close to the Great Spirit in my heart, to our father-Mother God.

I feel I am in the heart of the sun. And in this Christ Sun I am united with thousands of others around the world, all focusing their hearts and minds for the wellbeing of the planet. Within the sun we picture the blazing Christ Star of love. We go into the heart of the Star. We are in the Star and we see its light, with the blessing of the angels of nature, bringing healing to all the Earth and the natural world and the earth’s climate.
[Silence …]

The light of the Star shines into the soil of the earth and the plants and trees it supports … the light of the Star shines into the rivers, oceans and ice sheets of the earth cleansing all pollution and bringing rain to end drought … the light of the Star shines into the atmosphere, the air which all beings breathe and by which their life is sustained.

And above all, as one company, we hold in the heart of the Sun – Star the hearts and minds of humankind as they walk on mother earth and with her creatures. especially we hold all governments in the heart of the star. a new consciousness of brotherhood with the natural world dawns

[Silence …]

As we return from this journey within, we give our thanks to the great angels with whom we have aspired to cooperate. We give our thanks to the Great White Spirit. May God’s blessing be on this work. Amen, Amen, Amen.’

So thank you dear friend for taking part in this, White Eagle’s work of the spirit, which is so valuable. Let us be together in the heart of the Star, on Sunday 26th June at 12.00 noon.

With loving greeting,