creative healing power“In the new age, the age of Aquarius, the age of the spirit, you will find more and more that humanity will gather into groups for their work, because a greater power is generated in this way. In this absent healing work all time and space is overcome.  You go up into that higher consciousness, and make contact with the Christ sphere, the Christ circle, and in that Christ circle are the angels. The 6-pointed star, which pulsates with the healing power, is a magnet which draws the angels. It is then, like an ocean; wave upon wave upon wave of this creative healing power is continually going forth.  But so wonderful is the spiritual law that the human contact, through willing hearts on earth, is necessary before the angels can make contact at the physical level of life.”  Words of Wisdom taken from White Eagle’s book ‘Walking With the Angels, a path of service’ available from our web store.