world earth healing service image of fountainSunday June 21st is White Eagle’s Earth Healing Day.  We invite you to join us in spirit at either 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm,  or 9 pm on Sunday to hold the whole of the earth in the Light of the Star.

Perhaps you would like to use the words:-

“We seek to work in harmony with the angels of the Star to bring healing to our planet.

We see the whole Earth enfolded in the magical healing light of the shining six-pointed Star at the heart of the spiritual Sun.

We see the Light of the Star shining into the Earth’s soil, her plants and trees and the life they support;

Her streams, rivers and oceans;

Her atmosphere and her climate;

And we hold especially in the light of the Star the hearts and minds of humankind as they walk on Mother Earth and with her creatures.

We see a growing awareness of the brotherhood of all life.”