World PeaceThe Headquarters in the UK have sent out a world wide call for all Light Workers to unite in a visualisation/meditation for peace, world peace.  We are sure you may already be holding the Light over the situation in Russia and Ukraine.  Would you like to join us in the following healing prayer.  The way we can help is to send out the Light with love in our hearts, without emotion or opinion and to rise above the political arena.  White Eagle has said many times that the Light is always stronger than the darkness and that all is in God’s hands, in his heart.  You may choose your own wording or you may like to use the following.  Words are powerful but more powerful is the Love, the Light in your heart.  Together we CAN make a difference.  May I suggest we meet together on the inner planes at 12 noon each day for as long as you feel comfortable doing it.  If 12 noon is not suitable, then 3, 6 or 9 am, pm are other powerful points or whenever you can.  It is more important to send out the Light than be worried about the timing of it.  We will be in the Temple each

“We hold in the heart of the Star of Light the Leaders and People of Russia and Ukraine.

We see the Light of Christ touching the hearts and minds of the Leaders of all nations world-wide.

In the Light of the Star we hold all who have been displaced …… and in the Light we hold the animals and the natural world in Ukraine.

We give thanks to God for the gift of peace.”