In God we trust“My brethren, wise men and women, are they who search for truth and understanding of the mystery of life and death – who search not only with intellect but with loving hearts that know and feel the divine presence. Such men and women welcome the message which comes from those who have passed through the ordeal of death and are therefore able to speak not only from their own experience but speak also of the truth which they have learned in the halls of wisdom in the spiritual life.  Although you are surrounded by these spheres of spiritual life, because they are of a different rate of vibration from the physical, the physical senses are unable to receive contact. When man learns how to develop his spiritual senses and to open the windows of his soul he is able to register the vibrations of the spiritual worlds. He is able to see the inhabitants of these heavenly worlds. He is also able to see the visitors who come to talk to him from these spiritual realms. This is not a new truth.  Throughout the ages, the visits of the angelic messengers are recorded.   With this we leave you, beloved brethren. May you all be receptive to the baptism of the spirit. May you all be aware of the teachers, the saviours, the Masters of mankind; for they are with you and they are waiting for your service, for your co-operation to bring into the world the light of God.”  Words of wisdom taken from White Eagle’s teachings – – A161