The Light of the Star shines over all the earth blessing allDear Friend

Previously we have asked you to join in a global synchronised attunement so that we can be a great company on the inner planes, all working TOGETHER with the light of the Star.

We have shared together some beautiful and powerful moments of loving energy, and we are so grateful for your participation. We hope that working together in this way has also helped you feel connected to a spiritual family at times of social isolation.

And now we would like to invite you warmly again, to join in a special attunement first for the people of Beirut and of Lebanon generally, and secondly for the people of Yemen, this coming Sunday August 16th, at 12 noon local time. The need in both countries is so great and so urgent (thus the short notice for which we apologise), but while our hearts are stirred in sympathy for all those suffering almost unimaginable distress, our work is not to focus on the confusion and the tragedy, but on the creative, constructive power of the Christ Star. Therein lies our power to bring healing.

Although it is up to you, we suggest that on this occasion it would be helpful to use the words of White Eagle’s Prayer for Humanity, with added words for Lebanon and Yemen:

“We remember before God the great need of all humankind, and that we may pray to God we make quiet the fretful mind of everyday …

We open our hearts to the Father–Mother God and to Christ the Son – to the holy Trinity of wisdom … love … and power.

In the holy name of Christ, by the Christ light in the hearts of all people, we call upon the great angels of Christ; we feel their presence and their power.

We attune ourselves to the prayers of all men and women of goodwill …

And being thus prepared… with all the will of our minds, with all the love of our deepest heart, we send forth the light …

We send it forth as a great Star of light … a blazing Star … a Star of the Christ light.

By all the power of the Christ within our hearts we send forth the light …

We hold strongly in the heart of this blazing Christ Star the people of Lebanon especially Beirut.

We hold all the people of Yemen. We see all the people of Yemen supported by the Light of the Christ Star.

[hold the Star silently for some minutes feeling completely at one with all those making the same attunement]

We give thanks for the blessing of the angels of Christ upon our work. Amen. Amen. Amen.


As you do this work, feel with absolute conviction how the Christ Light is stronger than physical suffering.  There is no limit to the power of the Christ Star.

If you cannot manage to tune in at 12 noon, please choose a time when you have the peace and the space to do the work.

With warm love and thanks from us all at the Temple of Light, Maleny

Lyn and Gay