mbs_modified_adE- message re Syria

Dear Friend

We are sure that you hold the conflict-torn Middle East in the Star in your prayers, but we feel from White Eagle now that he wants us to specially come together as a community in this work. We warmly invite you to join us in a Star Meditation for the peoples of Syria and Iraq. This is on Monday 12th December at 12.00 noon. Working together as a community of spirit on the inner planes we can truly make a difference and in the Star White Eagle has given us a symbol of great beauty, power and love.

Here in the Temple at New Lands we will be holding a special 12 noon attunement (to which anyone is warmly welcome) inwardly linking with members and friends all over the country and abroad. Please join us in thought if not physically.

We ask you if you can to set aside just 15 minutes using the words below (but feel free to make your contact with the Star in whatever way works best for you). If your physical circumstances do not permit you to give 15 minutes just picture the star and hold the peoples of Syria and Iraq within it for whatever time you can manage

We quieten the outer mind and open our hearts to the blessing of the Christ Star. It is a perfect Star of the Christ love, gentle yet irresistible in its power.

We link with all others who are taking part in this attunement and as a great company we hold in the heart of the Star all the people of Syria and Iraq.

We see all refugees and all who are suffering in the light of the Star.

We especially hold all children within the enfolding, protecting love of divine Mother.

 We also hold in the Star all in the international community who have the power to make a difference… We see all hearts and minds touched and inspired by the Star and the angels of the Christ Star circle. We see the Star of love and peace TRIUMPHANT…

(Hold the Star silently for several minutes…)

Thank you dear friend for taking part in this special inner work together. White Eagle asks us as we work to know that love and peace are the true reality.

Astrologically, at 12noon on December 12th The Sun (the light of the spirit) and Saturn (the power of focussed thought) make a conjunction with the position of Jupiter in The Lodge’s horoscope so this is a moment of special opportunity.

We will be asking all the Lodge’s Facebook Friends to join in this meditation too, and it will be on the UK website.

With loving thought and encouragement


Jenny Dent

World-wide Lodge Mother


For our Australasian friends and members:

In the Temple of Light in Maleny we will be holding an attunement at 12 noon Monday 12th December as well.  (It will be different timing to the UK who are now 9 hours behind us.)  Because of the time difference we imagine a beautiful wave of light encircling the world as each continent sends out the Light.

This letter will also be on the Australasian Facebook page -White Eagle Lodge Australasia (look for the blue six pointed star and you will know you are on the right page)  and on our web site – www.whiteeaglelodge.org.au  Please share with your friends and together we can make a difference in the world.