Peace in our lives, peace in the world“There must be a deep inner yearning in the hearts of all for international peace.  Such peace does not mean inaction, for peace is active, but active in a tranquil form.  Peace is the power of God working for all good behind the mortal scenes of life.  God is peace, but God is not inactive.  The Great White Spirit is life and harmony… So important is this quality of God which you call peace, that God caused a manifestation of this quality to come in human form – and not only through one human form, but from many who have now become the world’s saints, teachers and avatars.  These teachers, these apostles of the Light, have demonstrated the dynamic power of the peaceful way of life. Look at nature: nature grows silently; you seek peace within the quiet of nature.  God manifests through the glories of nature and His spirit is peace.”     From: – A195