Peace, Tranquillity, Inner Light, Guidance, Power, Wisdom, Light




In the heights, in the mountaintops, there lives tranquility and peace…. which is the power, the wisdom and  the love behind all human life; and in the depths of your heart lies the same tranquility.  Do not forget to turn to that inner light for your succor and guidance.  In that inner light you may meet the Brethren who send forth the light of the Star to suffering humanity.   They, never doubt, they never look on the dark side; for they are Brethren, and they live in the Light and work with the Light – they are the Light.   Think, speak, and act in the Light, with the Light, confident that the new world will be built according to the plan of the Great White Brotherhood so long as the builders or masons are true.

White Eagle, Practicing Peace.