Help make Life on our Planet Sustainable for Humanity and all Creatures by Loving and Caring for the Planet we call Home!


Are you concerned about the state of our earth?

saving planet earth

People all over the world, from many walks of life, from many different groups and associations are all concerned with the state of the earth, animal welfare and human suffering.

So many people are working on many levels for the upliftment of humanity and the natural world.  There is something you can do.

Imagine, thousands upon thousands of like-minded people sending out positive thoughts, good thoughts, prayers for healing people, for animals and for the earth.

This is happening right now all over the world and you, if you wish, could be part of this team of Light Workers.

As we project our positive thoughts out into the world, like attracts like, and our thoughts link with other positive thoughts creating this energy of good-will, of healing.  It is this work at the inner level of life, which, above all, is going to swing the balance and bring healing to humanity, our environment and to the natural world.

White Eagle has encouraged us not to be politically involved in what or who is right or wrong but to focus on ‘good’, on the ‘light’ rather than be caught up in negative thoughts and emotions.  This is hard to do when we are bombarded by television news and newspaper articles all reporting gloom and doom.  Light workers are so needed now to help shepherd in the new Age of Aquarius, the Age of Brotherhood.

There are several avenues of Light work within the White Eagle Lodge…

– people from all around the world set aside a few minutes each day at 12 noon to send Light and Love to areas in the world which need help or healing.  As you can imagine there is a wave of light constantly circling the globe.

The next step is the Healing work, when people are asked to put aside 30 – 35 minutes each week for the purpose of holding people in the Light. The projection of the Light supports people through their illness by bringing peace to their soul and when there is peace, the soul can heal itself.

Help make Life on our Planet SustainableThere is also a healing prayer list for our beloved pets and group animals such as the whales, the numbats of West Australia and the night parrots of Central Australia.  The Earth Healing is another avenue of healing service within the Lodge where situations such as the fishing industry on the Great Barrier Reef; seismic testing in the Great Australian Bight, and the fracking industry are held within the Light of the Star.

White Eagle has said that there won’t be peace on earth until we treat animals with respect and loving kindness.

Einstein said, “Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty,” and “Any society which does not insist upon respect for all life must necessarily decay.”


If you would like to know more about the Healing work within the Lodge please email with your postal address and we will post out either the Pamphlets and/or Prayer cards to you.  Please indicate in the email what you would like to receive.

Pamphlets relating to the above are available upon request are: –

  • Three, Six, Nine and Twelve
  • The Healing Magic of the Star
  • Spiritual Healing

Prayer cards available on request are: –

  • Star Healing for Planet Earth
  • Working with the Angels of Healing
  • Star Breathing for Planet Earth

If you would like to ask a general question, please feel free to contact us here.

Help make Life on our Planet Sustainable.