Treasures of the Master Within


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White Eagle

A GUIDE for any aquarian Age pilgrim, and one which will sound in the quietness of the heart. The seven chapters follow the soul along its path from incarnation to enlightenment, gently showing the way forward. The sayings have been individually chosen from White Eagle’s already classic book THE LIGHT BRINGER. In this distilled form the words have a new power and will have a revelance for anyone who is on a spiritual path of any sort.
The seven groups of sayings are also tied to the principle chakras or psychic centres in the body, so that the book can also be used as a meditation on our make-up as human beings. At the centre of it all – the centre the human and the centre of the book – is the six-pointed Star, symbol of the perfected being, the end of our seeking.
TREASURES OF THE MASTER WITHIN is truly a book which will assist in the unfoldment of the gifts of spirit. It aims to bring happiness into each individual life. – HARD COVER

ISBN 978-0-85487-142-1


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