We can find God in everything“The earth is imbued with the divine fire of life.  This divine fire, which is also called love, is the life in everything.  If your vision were clear, you would see the divine fire even within inanimate things;  metal, stones, wood, are all pulsating with tiny sparks of light, of fire.  All nature is pulsating with this divine life. Look always for the spirit behind or within all form.  Become en rapport with this God-life in everything.  Realise it in the air you breathe, in the water you drink and in which you bathe,  see it in the sky, in the winds, in the air, see it in the fire.  Cultivate this inner gift.  Imagination is the bridge which will take humankind across physical matter into the etheric and indeed into the celestial world.” Words of wisdom taken from White Eagle’s book ‘Spiritual Unfoldment 2′ available from the web site.