“The Whole purpose of life is the growth of consciousness.  Until you are conscious of yourself in this world, you are not really living; and until you are conscious of the God within you, you cannot expand to become aware of the Eternal Now.  Strive always to create harmony both in yourself and in your surroundings…  On you will depend the harmony and beauty of your environment.  Express God in all your surroundings: beautiful surroundings – not necessarily rich and sumptuous – but simple, clean, orderly, beautiful.  Part of the process of spiritual training and development is to obey Divine Law in your mind – to let your mind be orderly and harmonious.  Thus the harmony of the spheres will impress itself on your soul and you will live in the consciousness of divine harmony, perfection: Love.”  Words of Wisdom taken from White Eagle’s book “Further Steps on a Spiritual Path” available from our web store.