The Light of the Star shines over all the earth blessing allWe are sure that many of you will have been holding the Covid 19 pandemic and all affected by it in the Light, and we want to warmly invite everyone to continue the work together and take part in a special global attunement on Sunday April 26th when we TOGETHER hold the whole worldwide situation in the light of the Christ Star. Please tune in at 12 noon and / or 9.00pm local time. Let us feel that we are holding hands in a great chain of light on the inner planes. See the light of the Star as one of beautiful silver light, the light that cuts through and disperses all shadow. Feel as you do this that you are working together as a great company, as indeed you will be. The light of the Star we can generate TOGETHER is radiant and powerful in its love and triumphant. You may like to use the words of our special prayer:

 ‘We let ourselves feel that every outbreath is a quiet letting go, a surrender of all anxiety and concern into the loving presence of the Great White Spirit. We become still and feel the Star in our heart and the Light of the great silver Star shining down upon us.

 In the great light and love of the Christ Star we hold all those who are suffering, those who are isolated or lonely, those who are bereaved and those who are afraid.

 We hold all those who are in the front line caring professions in the support of the Star, giving thanks for their tenderness and courage.

 We hold the thought atmosphere worldwide in the uplifting silver light of the Star. We hold all those who are especially vulnerable, particularly those in refugee camps throughout the world in the protective light of the Star.

 We see the powerful light of the Christ Star working in the hearts of all people bringing a recognition of brotherhood worldwide.’

 Hold this thought for some minutes, seeing this happening. Then finally if there is anyone known to you personally who has the virus, see them perfect, perfect in the heart of the Star.

 Having made this attunement on Sunday 26th April, feel that you can repeat it on any day, and whenever you do remember to feel that you are working hand in hand with a great company of others with whom you are one in the Star. See the growth of brotherhood between all people who now more than ever realise how we are all interlinked.

 Even if we are physically isolated there is something powerful we can do now. Please join us!