Prayers for AustraliaDear Friend

We are writing to invite you take part in a synchronized global meditation to bring healing for the terrible Australian bushfires. We are working with dear Lyn and Gay at the Australasian temple to set up a global time of attunement this coming Friday 10th January at 12 noon, and it would be wonderful if you were able and willing to join in, so that we are one great spiritual family on the inner planes, all working TOGETHER with the light of the Star. Some of you may already have seen our invitation on Facebook or the letter from Gay Robinson on the News Page of the Lodge’s website  but we wanted to write to Members and friends individually too.

At New Lands we will be holding a special short meditation in New Lands chapel, to which everyone is warmly invited, but the important thing is coming together on the inner planes, all linking hands inwardly and doing the same work in thought and heart. We deeply believe that in this way we can truly make a difference at the outer as well as the inner level. In the meditation we will be using the following words which you may like to use too if you are tuning in on your own:

We hold in the great healing light of the Christ Star all those areas of Australia affected by the bush fires. We hold all the people affected and involved, all the animals, and Mother earth herself. We hold in the light and inspiration of the Star all those who work to quench the flames. In the name of Christ we call upon the great Angels of Water to bring the blessing of rain. We see the land and soul of Australia healed in the light of the Star.”

 Please try to hold the creative silence of the Star for ten minutes, which is what we shall be doing at New Lands. Please don’t doubt your ability to make a difference as we all come together. Together let us be the Star.

You can of course use this prayer on any of the days before or after Friday – we know that many of you have already been holding the bush fires in your hearts and prayers – but let Friday be the day when we all consciously come together as White Eagle’s spiritual family, with White Eagle himself at the centre, holding aloft the symbol of the Star.

With our united love, and deep thanks if you are able to take part,

Jeremy Hayward

The White Eagle Lodge

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