how to cope with covid 19 virusFrom Jenny Dent, World Wide Lodge Mother

“For me, one of the positive outcomes of our present situation in ‘lock down’, is the added quiet it has brought. I am lucky to be living in a peaceful place anyway, but the lack of traffic noise and the busy bustle of people around is very noticeable, and brings a feeling of inner serenity.

A little while ago I wrote ‘…it feels that Mother Earth is taking a sigh of relief!’ It is a like that inner sigh we may often take when a time of stress is over and we have a day of rest. Mother Earth can rest a little now and recover.

When I take my daily exercise I have started to listen even more closely to the sounds of nature all around, and also listen more to the inner silence. With no travelling about, there is more time to listen to the inner voice, more time to hear the voice of wise friends in the inner world, and more time just to be still with the gentle heartbeat of Father, Mother God, feeling His/Her loving care.

White Eagle himself offers us so much wise guidance in his books and maybe, like me, you are finding more time now to sit quietly reading. A passage which came to my notice today is this: ‘The brethren of the Great White Lodge are happy because they are at peace, undisturbed by dark happenings. You will say, “Is it right to be undisturbed by the dark things?” Yes, because by maintaining inner peace and letting the light burn steadily within you, you are doing far more good than if you get excited and argumentative about disagreeable conditions. Keep your poise; be steady on your path.’”