Spiritual Unfoldment 1


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White Eagle

Unfolding spiritual gifts is an aim of many, but how do we go about it? In this book the teacher White Eagle is at his most practical, but he is also totally focused on something more than the practical: a form of awareness that cannot in the end be about technique or specific disipline. Therefore this book is, if you like, a meditation on spiritual unfoldment with a very practical foundation to it.
And is meditation the way? While advocating meditation as a most helpful way of focusing the being and not wasting time and energy in distraction, White Eagle actually says that service in any form is a still more helpful way of unfolding spirituallity. Many are following a path of spiritual unfoldment without knowing it. The techniques offered assist the living of the individual life.
Spiritual Unfoldment 1 will, we believe, genuinely help everyopne in following their own path.
This new edition of Spiritual Unfoldment 1 is quite considerably expanded from the previous version. It reflects growth in the way the subject is approached today, and it will therefore prove worth studying even by those quite familiar with the old edition. Or it can simply be read at random, for inspiration and encouragement.

ISBN 978-0-85487-125-4


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