“I have no time to meditate”.

I wonder how many times we have said that. Yet meditation is the key to our spiritual health and healing.

 It is often difficult to set aside time each day and when we do, it is often a challenge to still the unruly mind.  Sages of the past have said that we can master most things more easily than we can control our own mind.  Have you noticed how habitual our thoughts are and how hard it is to control our negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts?  Nevertheless, that is what we need to do.  We need to still the outer mind and turn to that still voice within our heart centre, that centre of love and Light.

WHITE EAGLE said: We would guide you to seek truth, not by listening to old White Eagle talking to you, nor by reading books, but by going into the silence and meditating, creating in your higher mind, the most beautiful forms of nature.  Go into the eternal and infinite garden, and you will learn much.  Don’t let that earthly mind get entangled with the mind in your soul, the higher mind, and pull you down.  If you follow our rule you will gain control of your body and of your mind.

You will no longer be swayed by the voice of man, or the mental and emotional winds which blow hither and thither; you will develop that poise and strength in yourself which will give you a clear perception of truth and help you to put things first in your life.  And the first things are the things of the spirit, the things of God.  Secondly, if you are strong in spirit you can experience healing of the body, mind and spirit, you can become truly a healer of humanity, a healer of the world. Jesus himself revealed this truth to humanity.  For the son of God, the pure Light, shone through him to give you an illustration of what you can become, ages hence. (This is truly healing for the New Age).

This is your destiny, for Jesus said: “The works that I do shall ye do also; and greater works than these shall ye do.”    As you start to open your mind to ancient wisdom so you will bring happiness and health to yourself; and above all you will know the exquisite joy which the love of God can be to the child of God.  Remember always that you are a child of God, with great potentialities to serve and heal humanity.  God bless you as you go forth into the world carrying in your soul the message of love – not criticism or condemnation, but compassion, love and co-operation.  Love is co-operation. For this, you and we are working.  You are our agents, we are your guides.  Peace and love we leave with you.  May it remain in your consciousness for ever.”

With White Eagle’s words of encouragement, I am sure we can all find or make time now to meditate.


So will you come with me now?  Close your senses to the outer world, let all the everyday thoughts recede to the back of your mind.  Concentrate on your breathing…….the gentle in-breathing and the out-breathing.  Breathing in and out and as you exhale let go of all the tension in your body, all your worries.

Breathing in….. and breathing out……  With your inner vision you may become aware of the Star of Light above you and as you breathe in, you breathe in the radiant light of the star. The more you breathe in the Light you become aware that you are in the Star, you are in the Light – God’s light.

You are in the Light and you are part of the Light, you are part of God.

In this heavenly state, feel your heart expanding with this light and as it expands feel love in your heart. You are absolutely saturated in love and Light.  Stay focused in this LOVE.

Know within your inner being that love heals all, within your heart is all wisdom, within your heart is all power. Once you have truly touched this essence of pure love and light your life is filled with a greater happiness than you have ever known. Love is healing the spirit.  In God lies all lasting happiness.

Keep on keeping on; care neither for praise nor for blame;  but work for God and for the very love of service to the whole of creation.


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