Nothing is too beautiful for you to believe; and if your lower mind and so-called reason tempt you to dismiss our words, remember it is the mind of the tempter, of darkness.  The destructive force always wants to hold back, to delay progress.  The higher mind, the spiritual mind always encourages you to see the good, the true, the beautiful.  The lower mind encourages you to see with a pessimistic vision, but between over-optimism and over-pessimism there is a steady level of balanced thought.  Your symbol, the star, is to teach you balance, balance between the two forces, between heaven and earth.  Hold always the positive thought, good thought, God thought; and see the vision before you of the unfailing manifesting light of the Creator.

Wisdom from White Eagle’s book “Spiritual Unfoldment 4” available from our on line store.

                                                                                        2016 April 5