White Eagle Calendar 2022 – single copy – NOT AVAILABLE


ISBN 978-0-85487-249-7

234 x 170mm Spiral Bound (Price includes shipping)

The teaching from white Eagle in this calendar is connected with the Temple of the Sun, both from an historical perspective, but also showing how that same energy of sun power is as significant today as it always was, and vital for our spiritual as well as physical wellbeing. This Temple Temple of the Sun is intended as an inspiring reminder of the spiritual temple each one of us is in the process of building – a temple to perfectly house our spiritual nature, and fully reflect divine compassion.  At the same time every individual ray of Light blends and becomes one in the eternal and infinite Temple of God.

The sayings for each week and month are accompanied by beautiful photos of the natural world we love.
The calendar is designed to be a companion in the home or workplace.
It is spiral-bound to be hung and has a cardboard backing so it can also be placed on a desk or table.

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the Light of God lights our wayTHE TEMPLE OF THE SUN

In the Calendar, the White Eagle teaching is accompanied by beautiful photos and show how the energy of the spiritual sun is as significant today as it always was.  The Calendar cover is an artist’s impression of the new temple in the UK which will be dedicated during 2022.  The Sun’s rays flow through a clerestory filling the temple with Light, and are symbolic of the rays from the spiritual sun which reach us constantly, sustaining all life on earth. The physical temple is an inspiring reminder of the spiritual temple within each one of us.  The Calendar is suitable for desk or wall use.


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