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The place of silence deep within your heart is the source of all truth.

Love transforms life.

As you learn to become peaceful you radiate this peace into the outer world.

Be calm in adversity; be untouched by criticism, by praise or blame. Go steadily forward on the path of life, serving one another.

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Welcome to the White Eagle Lodge in Australasia

The White Eagle Lodge may be described as a place of spiritual refreshment, a gentle home of the spirit.

The White Eagle teaching is a simple, heart-centred and profound spiritual philosophy which brings with it the light and radiance of the spiritual world.   It provides very practical support in day-to-day living.  Within this beautiful restatement of the “Ancient Wisdom” many find answers to some of the most difficult questions of human existence.

Through wise and gentle teachings its aim is to share the ideal of brotherhood and loving understanding amongst all people and for all living things, bringing a sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

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A path for living through LOVE


“Love one another” The golden key which unlocks the door of the heart. The Philosophy of the White Eagle Lodge teaches a universal spiritual path of brotherhood for all men and women. The teachings are inclusive of all life.


Whether we call ourselves Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or any other, we are all one human family, following the path towards the development of a universal consciousness. The teachings of the White Eagle Lodge honour the individual path, knowing that all true paths lead to God.


The simple and beautiful teachings may be read and understood at any level; answers to questions concerning our daily life may be found along with the opportunity to understand more deeply the nature of our world and the universe in which we live.


The White Eagle teachings reflect the Ancient Wisdom brought to the earth through many great teachers throughout the ages. We understand the Ancient Wisdom to be the light of truth which pervades all religions, the truth of mankind’s spiritual being and creation.

“We want you to realize that this Lodge has a fine purpose.

Its purpose lies far in the future – that of bringing to the earth a standard of life in harmony with infinite love…

to introduce to humanity the truth of God within, the light within.”

White Eagle

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Make a helpful donation to the White Eagle Lodge. We are all about making a real difference in many lives and your contribution helps us to continue the wonderful work.


The services offered by the lodge such as spiritual healing, spiritual support and prayers are completely free of charge. These services are given by dedicated, trained volunteers.

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Our work is the expression of the Christ within, through service. The white eagle is the symbol of the spirit and the ways of the spirit are gentle and patient. Read More

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SPIRITUAL HEALING is given at the Lodge according to White Eagle’s guidance. Healing is given by the laying-on of hands, known as Contact Healing, and also by group prayer and thought-projection, known as Absent Healing. Read More


Retreats are open to all, as long as you are in sympathy with the teachings of the Lodge. It is helpful if you have read at least one of the books published by the Lodge so that you are familiar with the essence of White Eagle’s teaching. Read More

Recent Articles

Service Among Others

"Love, gentleness, courtesy, never wearying in well-doing, always being ready to give help when help is called for; by these things the heart chakra  opens and the light streams forth from the heart." Words of wisdom from White Eagle's book "Treasures of the Master...

Lighting the Lamp of the world

"NOT ONLY are you a vessel of light, even as a little lamp burning on the altar, but you may relight the lamp of your brother, your sister."  Words of Wisdom taken from White Eagle's book 'Treasures of the Master Within' available from the web store.

Release comes with Forgiveness

"To forgive is often difficult, my children; but with forgiveness release comes to the spirit; the soul that has been in bondage and perhaps stretched upon the cross of suffering no longer suffers. In the degree that you respond to love and beauty, you are increasing...


"Within your heart is a seed, placed there by God, which is the seed-atom of life; and when you understand the law, when you are operating the law, this seed in your heart can put you in direct touch with that all-embracing Light of life… We see the white light...

Treasures in Heaven

"You are living an outer life in a physical world.  But side by side with this outer life there is an inner life.  This inner life is a world of thought; and thought promotes action.  Now, as you think, so you become  - you are creating your inner world.  From that...

Working with the Angels

"In the new age, the age of Aquarius, the age of the spirit, you will find more and more that humanity will gather into groups for their work, because a greater power is generated in this way. In this absent healing work all time and space is overcome.  You go up into...

Spring Newsletter now available

Our Spring Newsletter is now available.  Happy reading.  Please would you join with us in holding the fires in Australia in the Light of the Star, particularly the people, animals and the natural world who are affected. In Light and Love Gay

Inner Sanctuary

"Always remember in the silence of the inner sanctuary your true nature and the use that you can be to God, to the angels, and to man, in being a ready vessel for the incoming of the light.... breathe it in....Become light!  Arise into the light of your true self!" ...


"So, my children sink back and rest in the everlasting arms which are around you.  Make your choice to follow the Star, the Spirit, the Sun, which goes out into the world to help in the purification of the whole world, the purification of the soil and all the...