“All creative work proceeds from the centre of the heart of both the spiritual and physical universes. The impulse going forth acts upon the mind of man, causing him to imagine.  All creative artists use the gift of ideation or imagination.  These people are each in their own way developing, unfolding clairvoyance, or clairaudience . . . We say this to help you to understand the gift of clairvoyance and to work within your own temple, within your heart, from that centre which is the Christ atom, the Christ seed, the jewel within the lotus.  From this centre you are responding to the vibrations of the invisible world around you, and from your own Christ power within rebuilding your mental field, your health field, and your physical and material surroundings.”  Worlds of Wisdom from White Eagle’s book “Wisdom from White Eagle” available from our web site.

The Wave Paria Canyon- Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona USA