keep faith in God's love for humanity and trust all will be well in your life“An angel is a messenger from heavenly spheres. Angels are God’s messengers sent to help humankind through spiritual experiences…. Man/woman has of course been given freewill. Every time he/she responds to a higher, to a good, to a spiritual impulse, he/she is helped by his/her guardian angel. No effort that you make to reach high, to respond to that higher influence, is ever wasted but remember that in the degree the soul responds to heavenly influences and is thereby advanced on the path, it will be also beset with human problems; human relationships press upon it.  People can either respond to those human relationships guided by the higher spiritual impulse, or by the instincts of the lower self.  That pure light from heaven can help humanity to be kind, tolerant, patient and faithful, and all the qualities that the soul needs to grow but it must be by his/her own decision, his/her own freewill.” T274