Call on the Angels for help in our lives“We would hold before you a vision of the archangel Michael standing in all his sun-glory, armed with the shining sword of light.  Why do we say ‘sun-glory’?  Because the archangel Michael is one of the sun spirits, a messenger from the sun, from the sphere of the Cosmic Christ; and the sword which he wields is that of spiritual truth, which Christ indeed places in the hand of every one of his followers; it is the sword of the truth of the spirit, or the son of God dwelling in every human breast.  This is the weapon which will guard man through every crisis of his human life, enabling him to overcome and put aside every obstacle and every enemy.  The Archangel Michael is he who leads the hosts, the forces of the light.”

Words of wisdom taken from White Eagle’s book ‘Spiritual Unfoldment 2’ available from our web store.